JORGEN INGMAR ALOFS - Drums, Percussion, Loops, Producing, Composing, Lessons

Jorgen Ingmar's private drum & Pro Tools lessons:
Jorgen started teaching drums privately in Europe, and continued that after he moved to the United States of America.

Besides teaching drums, he also teaches quite a few of his students how to use AVID’s Pro Tools to record and edit drums, for composing, and he has built multiple home recording studios for his students as well, where they learn how to dive into the wonderful world of music and recording.

He uses Pro Tools to record drum tracks for many clients around the globe, but also to record his students, to show them what they sound like within music, and to make them better and musical instrumentalists.

He teaches privately out of his professional recording studio in Long Beach, California, at the Fullerton Music Centers in Fullerton, California, and makes private house calls as well.

Among his students are the children of director/producer Steven Spielberg, actor Adam Baldwin, composer Richard Perlmutter, Bruce Karsh, and many others.

Some of his star students are Aric Improta, Theo Spielberg, Sammy Perlmutter, Charlie Fogarty, Michael Karsh, Nolan Byrd, Sho Fujieda, who all became professional musicians, and Jorgen is honored that he was a part of their musical journey.

Jorgen is currently still accepting students, so feel free to contact him